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Deonex coin is a decentralized, scalable cryptocurrency based on the TRON blockchain (TRC20) technology. With this currency, we aim to create a cryptocurrency experience that works for everyone and having more
utility value.

Deonex coin

Deonex coin

Deonex (Don) coin is a decentralized, scalable cryptocurrency based on the TRON blockchain technology offered in the form of TRC20 Token. This cryptocurrency is set to be hailed as the people's currency across the world. The currency enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone and anywhere around the world.

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Ever thought about where the cryptocurrencies are hiding nowadays? You'll be shocked to hear that a fair share of them are lying unused in exchanges and wallets without delivering any profits or interests whatsoever.


Our mission is to reverse this tendency from now on. Crypto bank will be your digital wallet to work with Don coins. Simply put, we'll freely grant you the don coins to try out as an act of courtesy for holding the Don Coins in our Crypto Bank.

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Migrating to Tron – ERC20 to TRC20

The Ethereum blockchain went evidently slow in terms of transaction confirmations and beyond acceptable/manageable transaction fees. Considering these pressing issues and concerns, we have decided to move from Ethereum blockchain to Tron blockchain.


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Deonex Coin – New exchange

CREX24 is a professional cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Estonia which has been in operation since 2017. It unites several virtual currencies into one platform. CREX24 offers low commission rates, enabling traders to maximize their profit.

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